WorksConceptualisation and commercialisation
OpeningNovember 2019


Conceptualization and leasing of X-MADRID, the new scheme for MERLIN PROPERTIES, in PARQUE OESTE Alcorcon, MADRID, which will be the first truly DIFFERENT SHOPPING CENTRE in SPAIN!!

A space for those who’ve yet to find their place.

It is designed to appeal to a new generation of consumers, by reinventing the experience of shopping and leisure. More technological, more urban, more ecological, more extreme, more authentic, 50,000 m2 of fashion, sports, urban art, culture, and all the indoor and outdoor leisure you can imagine.

Designed to trigger the WOW effect, visitors will notice upon arrival that this is no ordinary place. It was conceived as a unique space, from both a commercial and an architectural point of view. We want visitors to come not only to buy, but to be inspired, to explore, and above all, to be seduced by the latest trends.

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