WorksConceptualisation of the refurbishment and leasing
OpeningDecember 2019


Repositioning and strengthening for ALISEDA of  SERRALLO PLAZA shopping centre, which has 25,000 sqm of GLA and an influx of 5.2 million visits a year in 2018.

Its location, next to Ronda de Circunvalación de Granada and to upper-middle class residential areas, its well-kept architecture, its ease of access, more familiar surroundings and commercial mix, make SERRALLO PLAZA the ideal centre to become the city’s reference for this upper-middle class population target that likes shopping centres on a human scale, not overcrowded, familiar, comfortable, focused on nearby population.

This repositioning towards a more select public will be based on three main pillars: replacement of the local cinema operator to OCINE, promotion of fashion with a multi-brand operator of aspirational brands and relocation of a series of daily shopping uses and fashion, currently on the upper floor to the ground floor and promotion of leisure and  restaurants.

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